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Pre-Owned Homes

Check out the amazing selection of pre-owned and refurbished homes that M and M Mobile Homes have to offer.

M and M Pre-Owned Homes

M and M Mobile Homes offer pre-owned homes at an incredibly affordable price. Our pre-owned homes are sold AS IS or have been completely refurbished. With a refurbished home, we may replace roofs, floors, walls, cabinets, and much more to ensure your home feels just like new. Looking to own a home and not break the bank? A pre-owned refurbished home from M and M Mobile Homes may be the choice for you!

Available Pre-Owned Homes

1998 Redman 16×76   Zone I

Financing Available

  • 3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths
  • Fireplace
  • Metal Roof


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